住所: 東京都千代田区外神田4-5-8 松孝商事ビル9F

JR秋葉原駅電気街口下車 徒歩4分

電話: 03-6206-8152


How to Find Us

Pray is just a 5 minute walk from Tokyo’s JR Akihabara station, so you should be able to find us quite quickly using Google maps, but getting online can be difficult when you’re on holiday here, so here’s some written instructions too just in case!
Exit the station at the “Electric Town” exit and you will see the AKB48 café and Gundam Cafe on your right. Keep walking straight ahead with the taxi bay on your right until you reach a crossing. Cross over and turn left, walking with the police box and post office on your right. When you see McDonalds, cross the road and turn right (before you actually reach McDonalds – if you see Sofmap you have gone too far!). 
Keep walking straight ahead with the large UDX building on your right. Cross over two small crossings, and straight after the second you should see our sign on the left along with one for “Forest of the Owls”. Turn left into our elevator hall and head up to the 9th floor where our angels and devils are waiting to meet you!
Another option would be to leave via the Electric Town exit, and take the stairs right in front of you to cross over the road. Then keep walking on the overpass with UDX building on your right until you find a set of stairs that take you back down to street level. Walk past Tully’s Coffee shop on your right and keep walking along the right side of the road until you get to the sandwich store Subway, where you should cross over to the left hand side of the road to find Pray right in front of you.